Welcome to ONYX Editor. Create your quizzes and interactive assessments online and standard compliant to IMS QTI v2.1 with the ONYX authoring tool. Manage the items in an item bank and assemble them into a complete test.

Create a new test

Create multimedia items easily and intuitively. Compose exams, tests and surveys and create your individual test scenario.

Manage your tests and questions

You can manage your content in your private workspace or public item pools like OPAL network. Extensible rights management enables cooperative authoring workflows.

Participate test or survey

Publish your content as web link to gain easy access for the participants. Participation is possible by using that access link or by entering an access code.

Do you need any help?

More information is available in ONYX Editor Help .
If you have any questions about using ONYX please contact us:

Tel.: +49 (0)371 666 2739 0

Email: onyx@bps-system.de

The ONYX Editor is part of the ONYX Testsuite. Besides the authoring tool the modular ONYX assessment tools enable the delivery and reporting of your assessment contents. Learn more about the ONYX Testsuite.